Before you specify the material for the floor of your house, maybe you can consider laminate flooring. Most people choose ceramic tiles for the floor of their house. However, ceramic tiles may be a bit more expensive and more complicated to install. So, you can try laminate flooring which is also suitable for today’s ideal home concept. The question is “are laminate floors eco-friendly?” Let’s find out the answer.

Are laminate floors eco friendly?

Before we answer if the laminate flooring is eco-friendly or not, it seems that you should understand the definition of the laminate floor itself. Well, Laminate Floor is a floor made of wood pulp that is put together in such a way as to form a material that can be used as a floor.

Laminate Floor material consists of overlay (anti-scratch) decorative paper (wood pattern), HDF (High Density Fiber / Wood Material), and balancing paper. According to the material used and how it is made, laminate flooring is eco-friendly. Since it is made from wood, it will not produce any gas or damage our environment.

Is the laminate floor durable?

Actually, even though laminate flooring is made from wood, we should not underestimate its durability. It is also quite strong despite it being lightweight. As long as you can take care of this type of flooring, laminate flooring will last a long time, even if it can last a lifetime. However, this also depends on the quality. You can choose laminate flooring from the lowest price with a regular quality or you can choose the most expensive one with the best quality. Of course, the price really affects the quality of the laminate floors you choose.

What about the laminate floor design?

Just like many other tiles, laminate floors also come with various styles, decoration, and designs. You can choose styles according to your wishes. Even though it is made of wood, it still looks amazing thanks to its anti-scratch feature. Laminate flooring is very suitable to be applied to all rooms in your house, either your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and much more.

Is it easy to install the laminate floor?

You can install a laminate floor because it is quite easy. However, if you don’t have time and have no idea how to apply it for your house flooring, then you can hire the experts nearby. This is more convincing because they are very professional and they can also install laminate floors quickly. Apart from that, it can also save you time and money. Floor installation is quite affordable, especially if you use laminate flooring.

In summary, is laminate flooring eco-friendly? Of course, it is eco-friendly because it is made from wood material. Eco-friendly is not enough, but it is also very affordable and offers so many styles that are perfect for any building. Now, you can remodel your house flooring using laminate floors just in case you want to make your house look awesome. Laminate flooring is also suitable for modern and traditional homes. All in all, today’s homeowners prefer laminate floors for the best choice in 2020.